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Create clean edges where turf meets your driveway and walkways.

Organic fertilization with corn gluten weed control

4 applications (April 15 - Oct. 15)
The composition of our fertilizer will change with each application to provide your lawn with the nutrients it requires during the growing season. Call for more details.
Organic Weed Control Program

4-6 applications (liquid)
Biological Selective Broadleaf Weed Control for broadleaf and some grassy type weeds applied to lawn at 1 to 3 week intervals. Organic feed grade ingredients that are safe for pets and children.

Weekly lawn mowing

25 weeks of mowing (May 15 - Oct. 15)
Heights are adjusted weekly specific to your yards needs and blades are sharpened daily. Edges are maintained as well as clearing debris off all hard surfaces. Bagging available upon request.

Gutter Cleaning

Removal of debris from gutter system,testing for proper flow and hauling of debris.
Garden Cleaning:

Weeding of garden beds by hand. Offering bi-weekly,monthly or just a one time visit.
Snow Removal

5 months (Nov-Mar).
We provide timely, dependable snow removal from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots as well as follow up service to clear the heavy snow after the city plow has come through. Properties are serviced after a 1.5 inches of accumulation. (1/2 inch upon request). Monthly or Per Snow rates available.

Yard Raking and Clean-up

Rake and removal of all leaves and debris on property. Includes mowing and bagging of turf areas.
Rain Garden design and installation

Rain Gardens are an infiltration technique - water is captured in a garden that features native plantings, reducing polluted run off into our lakes and streams. One of our managers in the field can meet with you to fit your design needs.
Rain Barrel Installation

If you would like to take advantage of natural water run off we can install rain barrels, a gutter system is required. Different styles are available.
Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

We install smart irrigation systems. Systems that communicate with a weather station. This will prevent over watering your lawn and wasting of water. We also provide maintenance and will walk you through the systems so that you can have full control and knowledge of your lawn's needs.
Over seeding & Soil Replenishment

We will add quality composted soil and seed to areas needed. Our managers out in the field can better help and diagnose as needed.

Process of removing plugs from the lawn promoting root growth, water absorption and aiding lawn to "breathe."
Shrub Trimming

Pruning and trimming of shrubs and hedges on property.